Ted’s Tips

It is time to prune ornamental grasses in your landscape. These grasses include Monkey grass (Liriope), Pampas grass (Cortadera), Silver or Zebra grass (Miscanthus), and Fountain grasses (Pennsietum). Keep in mind that it is time to prune ornamental grasses only, not plants which resemble grasses, such as Irises, Agapanthus and Daylillies. If you are having trouble identifying which plants need to be pruned or would like to know the cost of pruning these plants please call Gulf Breeze to schedule a consultation. Pruning these grasses will take off the old years growth and makes way for new growth. This pruning takes place of the natural processes such as animals grazing on the plants which would take place of pruning. In the absence of grazing animals, pruning promotes a more attractive, colorful, and healthier appearance.